Maya animation screws up when exported...

The animation works perfectly fine in maya but once it’s exported, the vertices fly everywhere like a terribly glitched game character.

The UV maps are fine, the paint weights are clean too(otherwise it’ll show in maya already). Can anyone please help?

Thanks in advance.

i remember this sort of problem from many other exporters. there, it usualy occured when the armature and the mesh had different transforms (object origins are not in the same position/rotation/scale). dunno if this applies to maya,too. but worth to check

Thanks for the reply :smiley:

I’ve tried the method you suggested, doesn’t work either.

Difficult to speculate. Are you using any unusual skinning or animation techniques? What happens if you create a simple Maya model, for instance, a cube, and animate that–does it animate correctly? If so, where is the difference between this simple model and your model?


Hi david, the techniques used are exactly the same as the rest of my various classmates’. Theirs turned out fine…

edit: David, could you elaborate more? Because my character has over 200 bones, including the facial rig. I’ve another team of classmates who did the same thing as well.

Hmm, if your classmates have an example of something that came out right, but yours came out wrong, there must be something different about them. I have no idea what it could be offhand, though.

Have you tried my suggestion of starting with a simpler model to see if that works first? If it does, you can try again with a more complex model to see if that works. The idea is to narrow down on precisely what’s different that causes it not to work.