Maya 2012 64-bit Exporter for OSX and Windows

Here are builds of the Maya 2012 exporter for OSX and Windows 64 Bit. Please test and let me know if they work. There’s also a slightly tweaked version of GUI to export from within Maya, with a handy “Panda3D” menu, the collision tag script, and a few other adjustments. Enjoy!


OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard:

Installation Instructions: Windows

The exporter folder can be put anywhere; on your desktop, in your home directory, at the root of the C: drive, inside your panda directory, wherever you like.

Edit the PATH environment variable to include the location of the exporter folder:

  1. R-click on “My Computer” in the Start Menu, choose “Properties”
  2. Click “Advanced system settings” (You will need an Administrator password)
  3. Click the “Environment Variables…” button
  4. Look for the “Path” variable. There are two: one in the “User variables” section, if you want to just install it for your own user account; and the “System variables” section if you want to make it accessible to all users.
  5. Select the “Path” variable item and click “Edit”
  6. Add the location of the exporter folder onto the end of the path. Path items are separated by semicolons.

For example:

C:\Program Files (x86)\CVSNT;C:\Users\ben\Desktop\MayaPandaExporter2012_64

Installation Instructions: Mac

  1. Uncompress the PandaExport folder and put it in your home directory.

** NOTE **

This location is important. The MEL script (MayaPandaUI.mel) will look for it here. This is a temporary hack until a better installation method gets figured out. If you want to change the location, just edit MayaPandaUI.mel and edit the export2egg() function. You can also edit your .profile to set up the paths if you want to do it that way.

Exporter GUI Mel Scripts

Copy the MEL scripts to your Maya scripts directory:

the MEL scripts are MayaPandaUI.mel and userSetup.mel

On Windows, the Maya scripts directory is:

$HOME/My Documents/maya/scripts

On OSX, the Maya scripts directory is:


Hi, thank you for making a 64-bit exporter.

I installed the version for OSX. In GUI, it always return a message “.mb => .egg done”. But no egg files found anywhere.

So I go to use terminal. First it said :

dyld: Library not loaded: @executable_path/…/Library/Frameworks/Cg.framework/Cg
Referenced from: /Applications/Panda3D/1.6.0/lib/libpanda.dylib
Reason: image not found
Trace/BPT trap

I found solution and installed the NVIDIA Cg Toolkit.

Now it’s saying:

dyld: loaded: /Library/Frameworks/Cg.framework/Cg
dyld: Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libssl.1.0.0.dylib
Referenced from: /Users/sherry/PandaExport/bin/libpanda.1.8.dylib
Reason: image not found
Trace/BPT trap

I know it’s something about version of OpenSSL. But I don’t know how to compile OpenSSL in Mac. Or maybe there’re other solutions? Would you please help me debug this? Thank you so much.

Someone better at OSX development may be able to give a better answer, but here’s what I’m thinking so far.

Problem 1. exporting from within the maya gui doesn’t produce an egg file.

Try these things:

  1. if you’re using the “custom path” option for the export location, try setting that back to the default. it’ll dump the .egg into the same folder the .mb is in so is usually kind of annoying but that’ll help figure out where the problem is. it might be the bit of the mel script that constructs the output path argument.

  2. in Maya, in the Script window, you should get a little bit of log output from the exporter script, including a line that tells you exactly what maya2egg options it’s using. can you see if you can find that and post it?

  3. launch maya from the command line and try using the export gui from within maya, and see if more debug info shows up in the terminal.

Problem 2: linking errors when running maya2egg2012 from the command line.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on there. The first thing that’s strange is that I’m pretty sure I built that version of maya2egg2012 and its associated libs without Cg and ssl and everything else linked into it. the first line shows that it’s accidentally loading your main Panda install (/Applications/Panda3D/1.6.0/lib/libpanda.dylib), instead of the one that comes with the exporter, so that explains some errors. that 1.6 is probably also 32 bits.

But the next one is loading the right lib (PandaExport/bin/libpanda1.8.dylib) so i’m not sure why that would be happening.

could you try this for me?

otool -L maya2egg2012-wrapped
otool -L libpanda1.8.dylib

otool tells you what libs something wants.

you can also try downloading and installing libssl, which I think you would do like this:

  1. install MacPorts:

  2. install libssl:

sudo port install libssl

or something like that.

It looks like you accidentally built the plugin while linking against the MacPorts libssl, instead of the system libssl. Removing the MacPorts libssl and rebuilding it should fix the problem.

ah, I see - looks like that’s it; I’ll remove that and rebuild. but it looks like a bunch of other packages in macports rely on it, like git-core and python, which is kind of a drag …

There are OSX installers for git, and Python is already preinstalled by OSX (although there are OSX installers for Python, too), so there’s no point in having those installed by MacPorts anyway.

I’ve followed these steps exactly for Maya 2012 on Windows, and it is not working. I’ve searched everywhere, in the manual, in the forums, and even created my own thread but I still need help. No egg file is created.

After 3-4 hours of reading/trying everything - all I had to do was reset my computer. D’oh![/url]

Funny sysadmin. Bestbuy Mousepads In reality, many problems are resolved when rebooting :smiley:

I had to install libpng in order to get this working:

Install MacPorts and then:

sudo port install libpng

Thanks so much for this. Do you happen to have a 2011 version? Or just the maya2egg2011 executable for OS X?

Hi, sorry I’ve been so bad at keeping up with this thread. I have this vague belief that maya2egg2011 should now be included with Panda 1.8, but I could be wrong. If it’s not in there, try this:

I had to remove Maya 2011 off my hard drive to get some space back so I, uh, can’t run it any more to verify that it works :blush: [/url]