Maya 2009 exporter


I have a student copy of Maya 2009. I know there is only a 2008 exporter currently for Maya, I’m thinking I could compile the Panda3d SDK and build a 2009 exporter. Is this true? I imagine there might be some config changes involved though.



I recently checked in support for Maya 2009 to CVS. If you build the current CVS version it will also build a maya 2009 exporter, if it’s installed on your system.

Wow, OK, very good! I was just going to try with the Panda 1.5.3 source, but I can try the CVS version.




Would it be possible to put a link to an .exe of this exporter?

I guess it would be a big help for a lot of people.


Addendum: the upcoming 1.6.0 release of Panda will have a maya2egg2009.exe binary for windows.

I am trying to use maya2egg2009 based on the pre-release and am having no luck…I get a seg fault when I run maya2egg2009.

iMac:models adekstrom$ maya2egg2009
Segmentation fault

I am using maya2egg2009 because when I use dae2egg some features dont seem to export correctly eventhough this exporters and others now seem to work fine suggesting this problem might be specific to maya2egg2009?

I am working in Mac OSX10.5.7

thank you for all of your help so far…any further help is greatly appreciated.

Is Maya correctly installed on your system?
Could you give me a gdb traceback?

“The ordinal 188 could not be located in the dynamic link library libguide40.dll.”

whats this mean? its the error that comes up when i try to run maya2egg2009 and all the other 2009 things

Sounds like a version conflict on your libguide40.dll. By any chance do you have more than one such DLL on your system?


Yeah, I think you should temporarily move away the libguide40.dll in Panda3D\bin.
I think this issue has come up before, search the forums.

Yes, this issue has come up before, see:

The problem is that the libguide30.dll (or, currently, libguide40.dll) that comes in the bin directory of the Panda 1.6.2 install is older than what is referenced from Maya 2009.

The workaround: copy libguide40.dll from your Maya 2009 bin directory (e.g., C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2009\bin) to your Panda bin directory (e.g., C:\Panda1_6_2\bin).

To do: revisit inventory within thirdparty\win-libs-vc9\opencv\bin in at least the win32 distribution and update as needed.