maxegg2009.dlo failed to initialize[Solved]

I’ve been trying to solve this problem, but i always hit a dead end, and im a bit frustrated coz i got to ask you guys for a solution to this might be a simple problem, im sorry for disturbing, and wasting anybody’s time, but ive been trying to make the egg exporter for max2009 working, the thing is, my max couldn’t even load maxegg2009.dlo, here’s the msg:

i did installed vcredist_x86-sp1.exe but still nothing change… is there anything i could do? or anything that i missed?

im sorry for the trouble i’d cause… thanks in advance

[Edit] I also checked the plugin thru dependancy walker, and it says that:
CORE.DLL is missing
EDMODEL.DLL is missing
GEOM.DLL is missing
GFX.DLL is missing
MAXUTIL.DLL is missing
MESH.DLL is missing
DWMAPI.DLL is missing

thanks in advance

This has been already reported

i did installed it, but still having the problem

We’re using 2008 nowadays - try installing the vcredist for 2008.
Also, make sure you’re using the 32-bits version of 3ds max.

thanks a lot that settle it :slight_smile:
im sorry for the trouble