Max 5 Exporter

Hi guys,

Is there an exporter/importer for 3DSMax 5.1?


I see some posts stated that there is a 3DSMax 5 exporter. But in current Panda distribution, there is no version 5 of Max exporter, only 6, 7 and 8.

Can someone be kind enough to post the Max 5 exporter in this forum so I can download it?

Or can someone just tell me where to download it?

Thanks a lot!


Nevermind about Max 5… the format is incompatible with .egg :frowning:

So, what are the other options? Maya? Not a chance, I don’t have it.
Blender? I have that. Wings 3D? Have that too.

What format is the easiest to export? Blender or Wings 3D?
Another question, is it okay to export .DXF format to .egg?

Hi simfactor,

If I’m not mistaken, Panda3d comes with exporters to .egg for 3ds Max versions 5 - 8.

All you need to do is download the Panda3d installer and in a sub directory of Panda3d are the exporters, just drag and drop the appropriate directory of 3ds Max and follow the instructions in the Panda3d manual.


hi sm3,

In my Panda installation (Panda3D 1.2.3) under ‘plugins’ directory I have maxegg[6-8].dlo, but no sign of max5 anywhere inside this directory. Or any other directory in my Panda dir.

If you have the file, can you please send it to me? Or where can I get the importer/exporter for Max 5?

However, I see a post stated that the format of Max 5 is incompatible with egg format. Maybe that’s why the Max5 dlo/dle is no longer included with Panda 3D 1.2.3?


Hi simfactor,

The Panda3d manual states there is a plugin for 3ds Max 5, but you’re right, I can’t find it either in the plugin directory.

I apologize for the confustion!


nahh… that’s okay sm3! :smiley:

I’m still toying around with pyODE, haven’t try to import any 3d objects yet!