Matrix to collision object

Dear Forum,

some algorithm during a game yielded a matrix with x,y,and z values; these represent a force field into our actor must not go. I’m now wondering about the best way to convert this “height field” into a collision object.

the size of this matrix is at min 50x50.

Any sugestions?

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Do you mean you have a point cloud of impenetrable points?

Yes and No, at the mpoment it is just the Matrix but it should turn into an impenetrable cloud

Hi rdb,

I have done some searching …

maybe the GeoMipTerrain (where You and Thomas excelled) could be adabted to cater for planes not parallel to x,y?

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No, because of the way it works, it really has to work with a 2D heightfield image.

Perhaps you could create a collision sphere at each point. I don’t know if that would result in acceptable performance though.

Another idea, you could load your data into a metaball modeller, then export a low resolution mesh from that.

Bruteforce:matrix to height field Import heightfield Position the field ?

The Brute Force method ‘works’ but performance is no where near acceptable any other better ideas around ?