Material converter?

hello - exist something like a vray->panda or mentalray->panda material converter?

if not what is the best way to get close to nice translation.
I’m veramente fed up of getting poor picture and want to get better in generating Panda display.

thanke for your help

V-ray and Mentalray materials are usually very advanced. They are both photo-realistic, physical accurate raytrace renderers. They have tens of properties like diffuse level, diffuse colour, roughness, reflectivity, glossiness, transparency, translucency, Index of refraction, anisotropy, luminance and so on. Each of these can be controlled by a number, mathematical function, 2d and 3d maps or a mix any of these. They are usually rendered with photometric lights and indirect(global/local) illumination.

Panda on the other hand, when it comes to materials has:
These can be controlled by a colour (apart from shininess) or a map… so I don’t think you can just convert from one to the other … unless you are willing to write your own shader.

thank you Wezu -
how does this relate to possible textures map such a diffusion, lighting, gloss, environment?
What need to be done ahead at the time the eggfile is generated and then at programming time?
Any micro tutorial on this?