MASA LIFE - Middleware for artiicial intelligence / behavior

Dear Panda3D community,

Before we start, let us make it clear that we though believe this is the correct place regarding the forum rules for this section/thread, we may be mistaken. Apologies if this is the case.

This thread is intended for developers, designers, and pandas who face the challenging task of creating and modeling artificial intelligence re. behavior.

Whether you are working on a lively environment populated with numerous inhabitants/NPCs, each with simple but diverse behaviors, or you have few NPCs, whose behavior is both convincing and complex, we believe MASA LIFE would be an excellent choice.

Indeed we just released MASA LIFE v1.8, whose features include:

  • Rapid prototype behaviors/AI
  • Visual modeling of reusable behaviors empowering designers with intuitive graphical editors (Behavior Trees, Navigation, Knowledge,…).
  • Graphical (remote) debugging & inspection.
  • Sparking life: integrate with our cross-platform SDK and deploy easily with a single-click of a button.
  • Extensive getting-started experience and documentation.

If you are interested in evaluating MASA LIFE please feel free to request a trial version at

Further to this we suggest you take a look at our brand new website for MASA LIFE at

If you have the slightest problem downloading, installing, or using MASA LIFE, please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and remarks, as your opinions and feedback are vitally important to us.

Best Frank