Mars Adventure: A Scientific and Fictional Game!

Hello Everyone!
I am working on a new game in Panda3D!
Keep on constantly checking the repository for new updates. You will also get notified in this thread.

Repository Link:


I didn’t find the game…
What are you demonstrating?

This sounds like an interesting concept! Good luck with your development of it! :slight_smile:

I love how there is a Panda3D robot/rover, looking forward to what that might look like!

I have not started coding yet. I just started making the models. It was an idea I got last night.

You mustn’t! I am very bad at modeling! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

haha, don’t be harsh on yourself, every expert was once a beginner :wink:


Thanks! But when I make the model right, I start texturing wrong!

Hi Guys!

Pre-Alpha Version 0.1 is out!
(Though you shouldn’t look at it as I have only uploaded the models. And also, the models are only in the .blend format, not .egg)

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Hello! Hope you are doing well!

A new version is out!
It is Pre-Alpha 0.2
I have now uploaded the model textures and the model in .blend and .bam format.

Code is coming soon!

Hello! Hope you are doing well!

A new version is out!
It is Pre-Alpha 0.3!
I have now added the Config.prc and a starter code for the project.

(Sorry, it was a minor update, so I could make it fast)

Sorry for the delay! I am experiencing a bug while creating Pre-Alpha 0.4, and if I can’t tackle it, I will ask in the forums. And it will get further delayed as I am playing @Thaumaturge 's “A Door To The Mists”.
(You should play it if you haven’t. It is such a nice game.)

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Thank you very much fr your kind words on “A Door to the Mists”! They’re much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Good luck with your bug! :slight_smile:

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