Marathon maps in Panda

Hey all,

I decided to kill some time and translated some Marathon map editor code to Python, then fed the data into Panda. Perhaps a bit pointless but it was more for the nostaligia for me. That being said - anyone feel like creating a Marathon rebuild? :wink: (just kidding?)

I didnt know of this game, looks nice.

I never played marathon myself, but I’ve heard about it. It was made by the bungie team right?

I thought the engine was more akin to doom, where level over level wasn’t possible, or did they do something like the build engine?

Yeah, it was done by Bungie before they went on to build Halo for Microsoft.

You’re right - the engine is very simplistic, just like doom. No bridges or slopes, but because (and please correct me if I’m wrong) the levels are represented as ‘portals’ rather than real objects in euclidean space, you can have two different areas occupying the same position in 3D space without intersecting.

The simple nature of the map data however means that it’s very easy to rebuild with Panda. All the floors and ceilings have normals pointing straight up or down, and all walls have four vertices.

Hehe, years ago I did maps for Marathon Infinity and Marathon Rubicon. They are still online, so are the open source engines and free-for-download versions of the full games. So theoretically you could still download them.

You also could use Panda or just Python to create an editor for Aleph One, since there currently there is no decent cross-plattform editor for that. But … why would you?