map editor

Hey we all know of the infamous Scene Editor. I need a map editor. I want to make a general tool to replace the Scene Editor (or since it don’t work i guess no replacing is needed.)

What features would we like?
load eggs+models
position/scale/rotate them
load/save in some map format (as py, egg, or some sort of xml)


  • A properties window, where you can set every tiny little property for everything in the NodePath (and can save every tiny property to .egg)
  • Maybe something like an advanced interval editor with a timeline? My complex intervals are horrid to look at atm.
    Oh, you’re gonna make it in C++, I hope?

I"d not mind seeing hieghtfield editing support ( or at least placement ) , so placement of objects for those using that type of terrain is doable :wink:

What a generous thing to do, thx for this :wink:


  • i think ill make it “egg” oriented not “pg” (nodepath) oriented but i guess it will be sort of an “egg” editor then but still all the properties should be settable.

  • sorry not intervals, i don’t think they should be part of a map and i dont use them.

  • hieghtfield editing support yes! a real time GMM editor!

  • not a chance

Well in a heightfield editor C++ is a huge advantage. But anyway, never mind.

And, eggs can save more information about nodepaths than you think. So yeah, thats fine with me. A .egg editor, but one with all options available .egg supports (texture filter types, render modes, sounds wonderful!) sounds splendid.

Well i am under impressions egg can store all information about node paths except shaders. Maybe ill just patch the C++ high editing features into your GMM but really high fields should be made an editor suited for that - i don’t think i will have a huge support for high field editing.

I was already planning to add shader support to the egg format – since collada also can define shaders.
The possibility to define a Terrain in a egg file is indeed a good idea. I might add that later as well.
But I do think it would be a good option to have Terrain support – scenes in many games depend on the terrain.

Just my 2p:

The most important thing to get right is modularity and a plugin system, so people can write game specific plugins to do assorted things. This should cover simple plugins, such as having a button to apply a set of often used tags to the currently selected object, right up to more complex things, such as procedural objects with editing of the relevant parameters. Ideally, you will want everything to be a plugin, even the basics that come with.

The other thing you might want to consider is tile based systems, where you have a 1D, 2D or 3D grid and an egg at each grid location, and write out what to find in each grid cell rather than 3D coordinates.

Also remember the invisible stuff, for instance the ability to make a graph for the AI to walk along, mark points and paths in space and trigger regions.

The ideal of course would be something that you can make an entire game in graphically - i.e. even have a built in code editor, and (yes) interval setup, trigable events, the works. Obviously I don’t expect you, or any one person, to do that, but if it can all be made modular and managed correctly then over time such a beast may emerge.

Good luck with it, even when you don’t reach my unrealistic ideals!

P.S. When I think of a game editor I always think of UnrealEd as a really good design - unreal may be a fps but its editor will work with nigh on any 3D game. Have a look at it if you can.

lethe, that might be the eventual goal but i have to start with basics. I’ll try to make it as pluggible as possible. I think it leads to good design over all.

It would be cool to add terrain features to egg like:
hight-map {}
texture-map {}
… other gmm paramters …


And shaders should part of the texture i guess.

Yeah, know what I’m saying is pie in the sky:-) But I posted more to make you think about this stuff now, so you take a design route that makes it easy latter on, rather than making a bad design decision that makes some of this future stuff tricky.

placing lights and a camera would be nice
setting waypoints for pathfinding

Sorry at first it would be a way to clean up models and set up maps for 2aw. Ill expand from there. Alpha version is almost ready.

Very Nice new Treeform, thanks for your work.

I think it will help a lot of people starting with Panda3D :slight_smile:

i believe in 3dsmax these approaches are possible just the way in the roaming Ralph sample program where we add positions in the egg file so later on we can add any type of node path it’s coordinates , i just think it might be a good alternative for us as level editor till we get more lite and easy solution, and i would love if some of our exports explain how can really add positions in environment egg file (model) , because all of us experiencing problem through how we add the additional nodes in the world ,no matter what are those are lights or fixed cameras or practices or actor ,it’s all about the positioning and the hdr, and thank you

As they say, “Release early, release often” :slight_smile:

One feature I really liked from the Torque editor was the 3D sound visual tools. It basically had colored moving dots that give you a visual representation of the audio in the scene. So right next to the object the dots were blue, a bit further away the dots would be yellow then right at the point where you would barely be able to hear any sound coming from the object the dots would be red. Those might not be the exact colors but you get the idea.

Something I would like to see is the ability to open .map or .bsp files. That would be awesome!

there is a blueprint about loading/converting. you could even make a bsp-node.
see the “read the full specification”. it links to a basic openssource quake3 bsp-viewer which is a good example when it comes to reading those files.
feel free to implement it in panda.

OK, thanks

  1. Direct code access without need to restart
  2. “Models database”
  3. Side panel for browsing folders&code(win-complatible plz :slight_smile:)

Is there a working version of thissomewhere??