Map editor

hi everyone
Does Panda3D have any map editor to edit scene easily?
for example putting my own models editing their properties and etc.
if there is not any how can i do that?

Hi ahmadiakbari,
unfortunately there is no full-featured, official, up to date level editor.
There have been a few approaches done by the community and you can find most
of them using the forum search.
With a good portion of clue and code you could probably use Blender as a level editor, as was done when making ‘naith’ (see forums).

In the end, Panda3D is more a library or API than a point and click engine.

you can use Blender with the “chicken exporter” and add “tags” in the Property panel
[Using tags)

Not very newbie friendly, but you can add whatever you want.

Thank you my friends.
I have an other question
I know that c and c++ are most powerful languages that exist but when we want write code with Panda3D we should use python.
I didn’t use Panda3D before and i sometimes (when i run samples and running scene explorer) see that some of the programs crash.
with these bad features is it a good idea to use Panda3D?
I want to introduce a powerful and full featured game engine to a game group.
I found NeoAxis game engine that is not free but fit the groups needs but i want to use free game engine.
Can i rely on Panda3D?
thank you.

If they were true, no, definitely. The Panda’s users base is very large, so I think it’s strange that an abrupt crash will reveal on a sample program (it should be considered a “critical bug” and it’s not a good move to release a new version of an engine with open critical bugs). Tipically, when there are these kind of behaviours, they come from a local misconfiguration on the user’s side.

thank you yaio
what about python is it powerful enough to be a game programming language.
I read in the documentation that we should use python and if we use c++ in some areas we lose little performance.
why do Panda3D developers use python instead of c++?
They develop Panda3D in c++ but they say we should use Python. why didn’t they use c++ as a programming language to develop games with Panda3D?
Does converting from python to c++ lose performance?
thank a lot.

No, rather the other way around. When it comes down to performance C++ clearly outperforms python. This is why all calculation critical parts are written in the low level language C++. Game logic instead can faster and clearer be written in python, as priority lies more on abstraction, readability, and flexibility.

Thank you Nemesis#13
Does Panda3D have any technical support?
i mean the way that i can communicate with panda3D developers.
and is Panda3D suitable for MMO games?
is Panda3D suitable for very large projects?

Yes, the forum you’re currently writing on :wink:. Don’t worry, though, what you get through here is better than most commercial technical support.

It’s the wrong question. Panda is a tool, like a hammer, you can make whatever you want with it. The correct question is: Are you capable of making an MMO game? If you are, you’ll be fine with Panda.


thank you coppertop
and thank everyone answer me
I’ll use Panda3D to develop my projects.