manual mipmapping

I am working on the grass generator, which is similar to the Nature Demo, but with more flexibility and can be applied to other scene easily.

Since there will be repeatedly large number of grass node on the scene, the performance is not very good. However, if I use a half-sized texture for the grass, the performance is much better. I would like to know how can I control the mipmaps in panda, as it seems manual mipmapping is not supported ?

If not, I decide to do it in the shader, which use a high resolution texture only when it is very near to the camera. Any advice ?

Panda supports mipmapping, you just have to enable it.
Use setMinfilter(Texture.FTLinearMipmapLinear) on the texture, or, LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR in the .egg file. You can try similar options (like nearest instead of linear), look at the Manual page for more info about that.
Otherwise, try looking at all the mipmap functions the API Reference talks about.

Also see: … iew=markup