Manual discrepancies

I’m not sure of whether this should be filed as in issue on GitHub, or whether, being not part of the engine itself, it should be raised here. ^^; If requested, I’ll copy this over to GitHub.

That said, I’ve seen a few discrepancies in the manual that might be worth editing; if one doesn’t think to cross-reference the manual with the API, these can result in some confusion, I fear.

First, regarding sounds and the “setTime” method of AudioSound:

According to a reply in this issue, the API states (correctly, I think) that a call to “setTime” only takes effect after a subsequent call to “play”. However, the manual seems to state something to the contrary: it indicates that the sound will start playing immediately after the call to “setTime”, and that a call to “play” will cause the sound to restart from the beginning.

(It may also be worth noting that the above-mentioned correct information doesn’t appear to be present in the Python API page, although it is present in at least one of the C++ API pages.)

And second, regarding ParticleIntervals:

The manual lists a set of initialisation parameters that is quite different to the set listed in the API.

Thanks. I’m working on the manual right now anyway, so I’ve just fixed these in the source for the upcoming Sphinx manual (which is almost ready). In the future, issues regarding the manual should be filed here:

Regarding setTime, apparently the behaviour is different between FMOD and OpenAL, so I have added an appropriate caution and reopened the issue to consider the matter further.

Ah, fair enough on all counts; I’ve noted the new GitHub page, and thank you for the work on the manual! :slight_smile: