Manipulating audio managers and volumes

Hi all.

I need to manipulate each of the following separately:

  1. overall volume (I’d call it “Master” on a mixer)
  2. music volume (all loader.loadMusic(…) volumes)
  3. sfx volume (all of the loader.loadSfx(…) volumes)

As for now, i access the “Master” volume through
loadPrcFileData("", “audio-volume xyz”)
but I’d like to have an in-gameway to change it dinamically.
Also, I can access the base.musicManager after a call of base.createAudioManagers(), but how can i access the sfxManager (base.sfxManager doesn’t work)?
There’s no int on the reference nor the manual, so i beg for your help!

You’ll find the sfxManager in base.sfxManagerList[0]. (This was changed from a singleton to a list at some point, to support the possibility of multiple sfxManagers in case you want them.)

To control the volume for all music or all sfx, use musicManager.setVolume() or sfxManager.setVolume(). There’s no explicit master control; to control the overall volume for all sounds, call both functions at the same time.