Making Tutorial Videos

I’ve recently been reminded of a project that I’ve wanted to undertake which is to make tutorial videos for Panda3d. What should the structure/topics be? I’m probably going to go with a roaming ralph-ish game but am open to suggestions.

Before this I might be able to post a tutorial video from my professor but it’s mostly basic keyboard entry + asset exportation from maya.

I think pipeline stuff is most important. For example, how to export a model with armature from blender, or how to export a model with normal map from blender, or exporting stuff using the shader generator with maya, etc. etc.

Asset exportation videos might be a trouble for me since I don’t really use Blender and Maya would require me to go through the whole rigamole of reinstalling windows. I might do Maya asset exports later since windows is an inevitable fate for this machine anyway. The video I might be able to get covers maya exportation but that was back in 1.4.0 so it wouldn’t have auto-shader support.