Making animations with transparency

I’m trying to use the animated explosion textures on the Blender texture cd. They’re a group of 40+ jpg images which have black where they should be transparent. I’ve been using the egg-texture-cards.exe to make animations, but I need to make the black transparent on those images. Is there a way Panda can do this, or is there some feature in Blender those images were designed to use?

jpg don’t have an alpha(transparency)channel, you could use tga, but every application I know writes/reads transparency in a different way in tga. Save your images as PNG, from my experience they work fine with panda3D (dds dxt5 are also good)

I know jpg can’t support transparency. That’s why I was confused that a transparent animation was in that format (all of the animations from that source are jpg). There must be some trick to using them. But I suppose that has more to do with Blender than Panda so I should ask there.

I’d still like to know if there’s any way to use images with a solid color background (in whatever format, I can easily convert image types) so that the solid color is instead transparent. I could do it with a lot of Photoshop work, but before I try photoshopping 40 images I’d like to see if anyone tried anything similar before.

Amugaba the manual is your best friend:
Personally I find so easy to use png that use always that format but you may certainly make transparency with jpg as well in panda3d.

There’s no way in Panda to use a solid color to indicate transparency (though you could write a Python program that would load up each image in a directory, examine the image file, and add an alpha channel that corresponded to where your solid color was, and write it back out with the alpha channel).


Thanks for all the responses. I found an easy way to hide a single color so I thought I’d post it here in case someone else wants to use it.

To make a single color transparent, just use Photoshop.

  1. Selection > Color Range. Pick your color and fuzziness level.
  2. Layer > Layer Mask > Hide Selection
    And done.