Making a team?

Hey everyone. I been thinking, and that’s not good o.o; lol. Anyways, I’m wantting to get more code experience and I was hopping maybe I can join a team on a project or maybe make a project with a team.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of time for a team. I usally go in spurts when I program because of school, so I don’t have a lot of time everyday myself.

I’m currently working on a FPS that’s comming out well I think, so we don’t have to start from nothing if anyone else like to get some team working experience too.

I perty much just code in python. Not sure how well my python codding skills are comming along, so I feel I can learn a lot more working with others.

My 3d modeling skills suck more:), but that’s a different story lol. I’m not very good with blender, so most of my work will be done using another 3d modeling program.

Anyways again, hope to see/hear from you all. If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them.

Also… if we do make a team, all work will be for experience only, everyone holds his or her rights to their work stated right off in each file created by that person unless a vote is taken of course.

Ok update seeing as I’m about to sorta break everything in the game for a new format I feel well be more readable and a little more easier to work with than I had things.

First off, the main project will be on the FPS Game “BlockWars”, but we can work and add other games to the menu with a little setup to base code of your game. I will write a white paper on how to set it up and what to add for each sub game you add to the project.

Nexts up, launchpad, I been getting emails on how to set it up and what to do to get it to work. I’ll try to go step by step on how to do this with you here:

1. Please make an account with launchpad here: ' ' and then head over to ' ' and click join this team. I'll add you as I get the emails and time to.
2. Nexts (if you're like me) you'll want to get a GUI version of Bazaar. They also make a cmd promp version... but I have no clue how that one works:)
  A. Download the GUI version here: ' ' Will have to pick the one that works with your os.
  * For example... windows user would click the windows link then download the Standalone 2.2.1-3 version.
  B. Once downloaded and installed, this nexts part will be tricky. Please read the following webpages to get a SSH key and the pageant program: ' '
  C. May need to add more detail after this if people are a little confused about this part.
  D. Once you got everything up and running with pageant.
    a. Start up Bazaar (if it's not up already)
    b. Now we need to tell Bazaar who you are by going to: settings -> Configuration -> User Configuration
    c. In Name: Type the User Name you used.
    d. In E-mail: Type the E-Mail you used.
    e. Click ok.
    f. Now we can start downloading the branch by going to "Get project source from elsewhere" tab
    g. Click the Branch button
    h. In the From section type: "bzr+ssh://"
    *I had problems at this point with my laptop for w/e reason... windows 7 64bit pro... so justs a heads up.
    i. Then set where you like To: have the files be saved at
    *This will take a long time... so better go sit back for a while
    j. When finish, click ok.
    k. You now have everything you will need for this release untill we're ready to upload more code to this branch.
3. You can close everything out by this point.
4. I would advise making a new branch for your work by going to your Launchpad account-> Code -> (on the right middle) Register a branch
  A. Owner can be you or the team
  B. Name w/e you want
  C. Branch Type make Hosted
  D. Leave blank
  E. Status leave as Development
  F. Click Register branch.

…This tut not finish up… going to bed for right now:) and see what other problems are just in the first half here. I hope not many, but lets work them out this far and then I’ll cover how to upload and save changes.

Whats this FPS about? I am interested in this 'casuse I could use more experience with panda and python

It’s just a FPS I’m sorta building from the old unreal tournament style games. I have a few basic things up and running such as netplay, shooting (I have the pistol, mrifle, and sniper working along with the knife and a “warp” item for when something bad happens and the player can’t get out. No animations.), chat, menus/settings, and a basic main menu that can be link to other “installed” games. I also have a server for it all.

Things such as kill counts just needs someone to program to get working with a data base.

I also haev a way for user to switch maps using “warp” gates to switch between maps.

Still a work in progress, but a lot of it is done to the point of being able to play, but it just looks ugly.

Ahh, I see. I however do not have any experience with data bases, anything else that you need?

Oh a whole lots of stuff. That was just one idea that any fps should have. By database, I mean we can make our own. We don’t have to use any MS type ones. There are still bugs, settings issues, and other things that still need to be work on.

Um, what would you like to make? Also, is there anyway we can talk in real time? Maybe by the IRC channels? I’m usally there.

I’ll be busy until after Christmas, but I’ll hop on the IRC here and try to find you after Christmas.

Might I poke in here and suggest MySQL using python-mysqldb api? Look it up on google, there’s lots of doc and it’s uber fast.

Only my thoughts, good luck with your project :smiley:

I would like to help. Just got done with my Database class and would love to get my hands dirty on some real world database situations. Would be a perfect opportunity to learn python MySQL too!

here is my email if you are still interested!

Thanks:) That’ll help with database controlling.

Updating: Yea guys, going to post a link of what I have setup so far. Going to be using version 1 of my server (because of some

codding I don’t want to let go of sorta), but this one does work. I know my codeing sucks perty much, but it’s still better than

starting from nothing I’m hopping here:)

I added a hole lot of API texts to each file with in the client version.

I also have other games in with the game folder. Theses games are just to show how it’ll look like with the menu program on top.
This way we can install or add more games to our main game without worry. The mmo (Mradr) you’ll see is the same code setup as the

FPS, but with different sounds/images hences that it’s a different game altogather.

Like I said before, uploading server version 1, so this one perty ugly in its own right, but hopfully we can sorta work with it if

we need to get it working better. I figure I’ll be the one running this mostly because of how I have it setup, so if you plan on

updatting the server by any means, please conntect me if you want a better break down untill I can get more API/flow control into its setup.

We need to work on the lince… here one I wrote a rough draft up for us… it may or may not be that good, but something to protect our work while we work on it with others.

Last the link:

Please do comment on the lince tho if you can… that’ll help more than anything.

sorry to bump, but I added new texts to the top on how to get the code:) I hope it works XD… I know it’s a little buggy, but it’s a rough draft atm.

lol good thing I have a mac…now bootings virtual machine lol :smiley: the command line version is…quite…interesting!