Making a fighting game

I want to make a fighting game using panda as engine and 3ds max as content creation tool. I have some experience of programming with some other languages like vb, c, c++, java though i am new python. Please suggest some starters for learning python.

Also i am going to use biped in max for skeleton and characters will be very simple. Every character will have unique martial style but same skeleton structure(biped). Please suggest some rigging tutorials. And if you have some pointers for making fighting games like coding combo moves, blending two fighting poses, etc post here.

thanks in advance.

hi and welcome to panda3d:)

if you know c++ already, picking up python should be a matter of hours for you. hit some python online tutorial to get used to the syntax. once you are, you can start with panda right away. the manual here on the website , the samples which are included in your panda-installation and the api-ref should help you to get started. if you’r stuck with something. feel free to ask on the forum.

i dont have any suggestions for how to rigg in max. but there are about one gazillion tutorials about how to rig a character in max so it should be not too difficult to find one.
blending of animations and poses can be done during runtime in panda if you need that, but for starters you might want to avoid it until you have your basic application running.

Currently i am writing design document for my still Untitled Fighting game(name suggestions are welcome). I am deciding how damage of a move will be calculated. I thinkin that there will be some variables for every move like, which limb is hit, by which limb is hit, force of hit. But since i am goin to use already made animation how can i decide force of move. Can i get this information from physics engine? Also how should i decide which limb of body is hit and by which limb it is hit?
Also if you have any suggestion for damage system your welcome. Remember i am only writing design document i just want to know if this damage system is feasibale or not, coding will come later. Thanx in advance : )

in most games the hit-calculation is done merely by simple distance+direction combination. this is a fast,reliable and easy way especially if your animations are pre-made and there are no real way to modify them on the fly to actually match the hits/actions.
more modern games include more advanced collision between players, softbodies on the skin, and even motion-synthesis.

if you’r going with pre-baked animations you can easily check if the attacker is facing the opponent, if the distance between them is within the threshold for an successful attack. make it hit. if not make him miss.
same for the one being attacked and his chances to block.
in such a scenario you dont even need collision at all.

if you feel like you’ve tons of money and time on your hands, you can increase the complexity as you wish.

Thanks Thomas i think i will go with distance direction approach for now. May be someday i will do somethin more complex. Today i was playing tekken 3 (for my project’s sake) i noticed that it uses only same animation for damage whenever a character takes a kick or punch.