Making 3d models for Panda 3d

Ok i have tried using the chicken plug in with blender ,but when i render the .egg extension it shows a square or anything that i render with no textures or color.

My question does anyone know another program besides blender that i can use to make my models for panda 3d or how to fix this issue with the no textures showing?

Thanks to all of you that answered

the chicken plugin works very well with textures. however, it does not support blenders buildin-texture-generation machanism.
textures have to be images(files) existing on your harddisk.
you also have to unwrap your model (blender’s automated uv-mapping mechanisms are also not supported).

for more detailed explenations please read the chicken manual (just press the"HELP" button in the chicken-exporter)

If you dont need animations in the model, AC3D works well. I export the models to a .x and then run x2egg to convert it to an EGG file.

i will also soon run into the problem with creating 3d Sprites for this program and i was wondering if the softimage xsi mod tool from will work well enough. if not i could use suggestions. if it will work, i would like to know that too. i don’t like flying blind this early learning this program.

What exactly do you mean by 3d sprites? You might be talking about something that we’re familiar with by another name cause as far as I know there aren’t any 3d sprites.

ok, what i mean by “sprite” is the 3d image you see on the screen, from my understanding there is a difference between objects and sprites, an object is whatever “character” you’re using but in order for you to see it, you need a sprite for it, the image itself, i suppose that explains what i mean.

softimage is basically a 3d animation engine used for many games but all you can do with this program alone is “Draw” your 3d images. as far as i know it dosn’t run any code so by itself you can’t make a game, but you could make a 3d movie like “final fantasy advent children” if you have enough skill. and i do know the images and animations you make can be exported in various file types so i was wondering if it’s possible to use this one or will i have to find another.

hm. maybe to clear this up a little.

softimage, like 3dsmax , blender etc are modelling/animation packages.
they are used to create 3Dimensional objects, wrodls, characters etc.
those exist in a 3Dimensional space. usualy called meshes or simply objects or characters.

those modelling packages have the ability to output 2dimensional images like still-frames, or sequences which you can use to make up a movie. the process of creating those images is called rendering. the output is a plain image or movie file.

sprites: are an really old technque to draw 2dimensional images directly above any other objects onto your screen. it’s really outdated and barely used at all. the only real use for sprites would be your cursor.

somthing like 3d-sprites dont really exist since they are, per difinition, 2D things.

i assume you’r refering to “3d-objects” such as characterse or other non-moving objects when talking about “3d-sprites”.
panda supports a wide range of input formats when it comes to loading 3d-objects. pretty much every modelling package (including softimage)should be able to export into at least one of those supported file formats.

since this thread seems to get highjacked and to clear up confusion: to answer the oringinal question of the topic-starter once more. blender can export textures just fine, detailed explenation can be found in the chicken manual.