- Fedora 16

When running --nothing, I receive the following error:

panda/src/vision/webcamVideoCursorV4L.cxx:22:28: fatal error: linux/videodev.h: No such file or directory

This is on Fedora 16. I’ve tried to come up with an answer for this header, is it possible it’s become outdated.


Obviously I would solve this as soon as I ask.

The file videodev2.h is located at /usr/include/linux.
You just need to create a symbolic link from that file to videodev.h and it should work.

That won’t solve the problem. This problem was actually fixed a while ago. Which version of Panda3D are you trying to build?

I had the same problem when compiling version 1.7
Downloaded 1.8 and --everything --installer did everything just fine.
But i created a symbolic link to videodev2.h while attempting to compile 1.7. I switched to 1.8 when 1.7 threw further errors at me. Dont know if the symbolic linking is necessary for 1.8.