makepanda fails to find visual studio


i downloaded the source.

Then in Windows7 I get a administrator cmd console, and run makepanda.bat --everything

then this error appears:

Could not find Visual Studio install directory.

I have visual studio 2010.

How can I fix this problem?

thanks in advance.

At the moment, we only support Visual Studio 2008, sorry.

:frowning: ok.

I’m trying to tweak the paths and registries to force a compilation on 2010. :confused:

Except by the tweaking, is there any significant problem I could encounter?

I’ll post whatever I find.

bye! :slight_smile:

You might have issues with some of the third-party libraries; it might be necessary to recompile some or all of them using MSVS 2010 (instead of 2008 as they’re compiled now).

Basically the two compilers are not compatible with each other; C++ code in particular has to be compiled entirely using one compiler or the other.


Hey !

I’d like to have an update on this post. I currently have the same issue, so I’m wondering if Visual Studio 2010 is still unsuported (because I’m pretty sure I saw a compiled version of Panda3D/msvc2010, and I still need to recompile - using a vm here).

I’d just want to know if that topic is still up to date before starting one about this issue.

It’s not that Panda is inherently incompatible with VS 2010, you just need to compile the thirdparty packages and the Panda3D SDK yourself. We simply don’t support it in the downloadable SDK because it’s compiled against VS 2008.