makeOutput() returns none


I’m trying to open a new window, but makeOutput() always return none. Strangely, even when I use self.makeWindow(props=wp), with any wp=WindowProperties(), it only returns none.

        # set new window properties
        wp = WindowProperties()
        # get default frame buffer properties
        fb_prop = FrameBufferProperties.getDefault()
        # create graphics output
        self.bowl_win = self.graphicsEngine.makeOutput(self.pipe,"bowl_win",0,fb_prop, wp, 

What doesn’t work?

makeWindow() without setting anything works.

I don’t speak from experience, but the following post suggests that it might be worth changing your provided framebuffer-properties:

creating an empty fb_prop = FrameBufferProperties() didn’t help unfortunatelty,

And I also don’t understand why self.makeWindow(prop=WindowProperties()) doesn’t work

What’s the message in the console?

So if I try to create a display region for the new “window” I get

   AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'makeDisplayRegion'

Do you get any errors or messages before that point?


Ah, after a experimenting a little on my side, I found that–on my machine at least–the WindowProperties object seems to be the culprit.

Specifically, if, instead of a blank WindowProperies object with only the origin specified, I used either the default WindowProperties or a copy of the main window’s properties, I got a functional window from “makeOutput”.

I’d guess then that there’s some setting or group of settings in WindowProperties that’s required for this to work.

Ah! Thanks! In my case I want to open a second window that has an origin different from the main window

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It’s my pleasure! :slight_smile:

As to having a different origin, there is I think nothing to stop you from copying the WindowProperties of the main window, then altering the position-setting in the copy.

If I remember correctly, the size in WindowProperies must be specified.

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That was it! Thanks! :grin:

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