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hi i am currently trying to develop a game using panda3d and im still in the initial stages.
in my menu i want to hav some text such as settings, exit, credits,play and the user must be able to click on the text and then go to the other respective screens. do any of u have some code samples that i can use?? the text should also be animated, for example, when i hover it should get bigger.

suggestion make a game first, make menus later. Manus are simple enough to do your self and complicated enough for every one have different idea on how they should be implemented.

Just write your game, learn panda, main menu is not that hard to make but i wold not start with it. It requires GUI which is a little ifffy in panda but still workable.

yes I agrre with Treeform .

make your game first

first time I in Panda I try to make the menu bar first and then all going mess up

for sample code you can take a look for Iron Angels by Treeform
I learn from there

hope you success!

wajik klethik gula jawa, luwih becik sing prasaja

I gave up with the panda system and have been writing my own as I need it…I think it is actually a lot easier than trying to make panda’s look nice :wink:

super_jatayu, iron angles was made by many people - LegionDD made the menu.

I had to write an entire wrapper above Panda3D’s GUI system to have menus and dialogs. It’s not easy, I had to use a lot of workarounds for problems and its very hackish at some places.

If you want it, I can perhaps post it at the forums.

thx a lot for all the help.
actually i’m working on it with a friend. and i have to do the menu part. so i have to start with that unfortunately.
treeform, where can i get a copy of the source code of iron angels??
pro-soft, i would like to get the wrapper.
right now i have a semi-working version, but still getting a lot of problems. hopefully after a sleepless night i can improve it.


super_jatayu, dont mock us

Hei there is no offence for all of you guys

if there is any mistake with my word
im sorry

English is not my language, but this will be my learning thanks anyway

I really like IronAngels that is a good game

I will delete my previous post