Mac OSX Cursor

I’ve read about how there is no custom cursor support for osx, and decided to try using an onscreenimage with the x and y mouse cords. Here’s what came out(picture below):

self.cursor = OnscreenImage(
            image = 'models/imgs/cursor.png',
            pos   = (self.mouseX, 0, self.mouseY), # mouseX and mouseY are just 0,0
            scale = .005

Where the red square is the hardware cursor, and the cursor.png is what the cursor is supposed to look like. The correct location of the cursor is the red box, and location of the onscreenimage is the white cursor. What happened here? Any way to fix it?

I couldn’t actually show the hardware cursor because I had to take the picture :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi hello_ (LOL),

I haven’t run into this type of situation myself as I run off of a Windows computer, but this thread might help you with your problem:

Hope this helps!


Sorry for the late response.

Thanks for the link, but I’ve already read through that, and there isn’t anything there that can help me (i believe)

Is this a fixed offset every time or does the distance shrink as you move the mouse more to the middle of the window?