Mac Magic Mouse

Hello all, new here.

I’m working through the tutorials and on the one where you make the mouse controls active, Panda doesn’t seem to recognize my one-finger scroll as “middle button.”

My inclination is to assume this is a Magic Mouse issue (since the Magic Mouse has no shortage of those) but I’m wondering if there is some command I can give to window or camera in helloworld.cpp that will enable Magic Mouse scrolling to be recognized.

If it’s the Magic Mouse, is there maybe a keyboard workaround?


How does Panda recognise it? Which event gets fired when you use it? (You can find out by putting base.messenger.toggleVerbose() somewhere and looking at the output as you press the button.)

Thanks for the suggestion! What would be the #include file for that? I can’t find base.messenger in the documentation.

ETA: I found something called cConnectionRepository::toggle_verbose() but it won’t compile even after I #include “cConnectionRepository.h”, but the documentation doesn’t mention any other dependencies.

ETA 2: Ah, I went back into my Python version of “hello world” and added that, and when I scroll I see line of messages from time-wheel_up and a few from wheel_up and wheel_up-up.

Then wheel_up is the event the API must be presenting it to Panda.