Mac Install missing Examples folder

Hi folks,

Just installed from Panda3D-2011.05.10-166.dmg with Base Install + Tools + Python code checked (only unchecked option was C++ Header Files). In various places on the web site it suggests that the examples will be in:


None of these locations (or any similar variations) exist after installing. I do have /Developer/Panda3D and /Developer/Tools/Panda3D. My OS version is 10.6.6 and I’m running on a Core 2 Duo Macbook. I’ve looked for a separate installer for the examples, but haven’t had any luck their either. Doing a global file search did not turn up any further Panda3D folders.

Am I doing something wrong, or do I need a different installer?

Thanks in advance,


Welcome to the forums!

It may be missing from the daily buildbot releases. I only include the samples in every actual release of Panda3D, so you can get them here: …

Thanks, that’s what I needed. Looking forward to using Panda3D with my 10-year-old who is deeply interested in both programming and 3D.