LUI glitches out visually after some time

I’ve run into a setup of Panda3D with LUI where, for some reason, after some time, LUI starts to glitch out visually.

I don’t have much of an idea why exactly it happens, though I’ve tried to track down the cause. The closest clue I have is that it has something to do with a LUIFormattedLabel being cleared and receiving new content via ‘.clear()’ and ‘.add([some string])’. Some specific character combinations (like ’ : ') as well as the quantity of characters seem to trigger the glitch earlier than others. I’ve not yet had any luck reproducing it outside of this project, however.

Here’s a recording of the glitch in action.
It gets worse the longer it runs. Certains things being modified, like the text content of label objects, seems also to have an impact. (In most cases, old letters are gradually erased and new ones don’t appear)
The black frame, green bar and other things that flash across the screen in the beginning are other LUI elements that belong to loading screens and menus from the project. They are supposed to be hidden.

Let me know if you’d like me to provide any further information. Posting the whole project would be problematic, however.

This probably belongs in a GitHub issue on the LUI repository.

I wonder if it is something that happens when the text atlas runs out of space. It might be interesting to try and construct a small sample that makes a lot of continuous text updates to see if that makes it reproduce the issue.

All right, thank you. I’ll post a report in LUI’s GitHub issues listing and see if I can reproduce the glitch as you describe.

EDIT 17/12/2018: I can confirm that it is caused by a LUIFormattedLabel being continuously modified. I reported the bug over at LUI’s GitHub issues page, here. I managed to reproduce the glitch in a standalone file which is included on the linked issues ticket.