Low-poly 3d hill World

Low poly 3D Hill World consist of Building,Street, Flyover, Trees, Lamp Post,Field.

  1. Map included Material included.
  2. Texture included.
  3. File format object(.obj) included.(Other format contact us)

Price $40

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Looks neat. :slight_smile: I wish there were more games developed based on the current real world. I would love a good detective game with a hand and gun combat system; one which allows you to roam freely through a large city as you solve a mystery.

When I say roam freely, I mean just that. Imagine having a witness living a Delton RD, apt 3 and you had to actually get in a car and drive the streets (realistic traffic, lights and road laws), arrive at the address and knock on the apartment door…?

One might ask, “ok…what’s the point in that?” The point is realism. Doing everything in the game according to life itself. One of the more “livelier” cities I have ever roamed in was the city, “Omikron” in the game, Omikron: The Nomad Soul.

That city felt very much alive, but not as big as it appeared. That game was a fantasy based one; I wish a company would do the same thing but on a larger scale and based on todays times. I’m not talking grand theft auto…that game is horrible in my opinion.

You’ll have to play Omikron to get a better understanding of what I mean.

It’s pretty far away from the topic opening, but you are talking about, markjacksonguy, sounds like L.A. Noir to me.

L.A. Noir is far from what I was talking about.

seller3d, is this something you’re going to be doing regularly and will you be selling in packs?

I don’t know if you’ve played LA Noire, but having played both that and Omikron I thought LA Noire was closer to what you actually described.

I think I know what you mean though. Omikron had a smaller, more vibrant and interactive world whereas LA Noire’s world was full-size, but basically just scenery between the detailed destinations. Honestly I felt that building the whole city in LA Noire was a waste of time. As soon as I found out you could skip the driving parts I never drove around again. Especially since if you hit anything you were docked points. Realism be damned.

Yes we are doing and selling regularly.

This is low-poly level.if like to have more detailing of this level or any custom project then you contact us at india3d.com

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