lot of questions

Hi, i stumbel, fall and get up…
I want to make something but i don’t know where to start:
Pro-rsoft is helping me out with the main scripting, thanks again pro-rsoft.

Now i want to make a loadingscreen (the models I use can be pretty big)
The loading screen must display a picture in the background and a loadingbar in the foreground.

When the loading is done i want to display some text and two pictures one logo and one that shows pictures from a surtain directory. like a slide show, then when pressed [enter] the main script must start.

Do i use 3 .py scripts do i use 3 classes…how do i make the directwaitbare look at the loading of the model…

HELP ME OUT…I keep looking at the manual and the forum but don’t know where to start.

This is not the easiest part of Panda3D – I’d suggest starting with some more easy.

For a loading bar… im afraid you will have to calculate the progress yourself.
After loading each model update the progress bar to a higher progress.

For the slideshow… well, just read in the contents of a directory into a list, and for each .jpg file show an onscreenimage…
Look in the manual for an explanation of OnscreenImage.

Here’s a little start: (I haven’t tested it)

import glob
from pandac.pandaModules import OnscreenImage
list = glob.glob("*.jpg")
for i in list: