Losing Window Focus - Full Screen

I’ve noticed, when running P3D apps in full screen and going to the desktop, then back to the app, the taskbar still shows at the bottom of the screen. It’s like the Panda app fails to fully return to full screen mode and stays somewhere between full screen and the desktop.

This is different from my earlier usage of P3D. Before, the app became distorted in resolution when going to the desktop and back to full screen mode.

I never even noticed when the resolution distortion stopped (didn’t do anything different either), but the application is still not going back into full screen fully. The resolution looks fine now, but like I mention already, I can still see the task bar at the bottom of the screen.

Is there a way to fix this?

Windows 7 user.

I’ve had troubles getting Windows to raise the application window to the top of the stack. It seems to ignore all of my requests to do this programmatically; I assume this has to do with some new policies effective with Windows 7 or so. If anyone knows a reliable way to make the window come to the top when the application receives focus again, I’d love to hear about it.

Otherwise, you have to click on the window with the mouse to bring it to the top of the taskbar.


The thing with the mouse is the fact I have it disabled and hidden. Click doesn’t seem to work. So I’m guessing I would have to show the mouse cursor in order for the click to bring the window on top?

Even if that worked for me, that would suck, because my application does not use the mouse at all. I don’t have this issue with none P3D apps, so P3D can use a fix there.

I have very similar issues on Windows 7 and my application doesn’t use the mouse either. If my app is running in full-screen mode, and it loses focus, and I click my app in the taskbar to bring it back into focus, I get what amounts to an un-decorated window of my app running at the Windows resolution. My desktop resolution is 1920x1080 and my Panda app is 1280x720, so the app is no longer full-screen.