Looking for programmers

Hello. I am looking for some programmers to work on a game. I have very rough basic features created, and it is just going too slow on my own. So far the libraries I am using are Panda3D, PyCEGUI, and twisted. For more details or to join, reply here or send me an email at chrisvanderjagt@yahoo.com. Also looking for someone(s) to work on a story.

In my experience, most people will be a lot more willing to join if you have proof you’ve done some substantial work on your own. Do you have a working demo, or something along those lines?

I have this so far. http://code.google.com/p/zeest/

What is your budget? I would require around $30 an hour, or $1k a week, depending on how much work you wanted done.

Hahaha, I’m 15, no budget. Any donations we recieve will be split by how much time you put into it. Ex: $100 donation, you put in about 10 hours of work, 2 others each put in 45 hours of work, you get $10, they each get $45. Sorry, should have made this clear.

If your development is going too slow, you should consider making a project that is smaller and more manageable. That will help you gain experience and be better equipped to take on a bigger project next time. You will probably even be able to re-use some of the work in the next project. Crawl, walk, and then run, as they say.

At my mind, you will have difficulties to recruit developers.

You have very tiny number of line of code.
there is no description of what you wish to do.

I think, first step, when you want to share a project with other people is write a game design document, even not complete, but with major principe you want to have in your game.

lot of developers have their own project, or participate to a real project with a clear aim, not a general topic like “online rpg”.

It is like for player, you have to attract developers.

And I a gree with teedee. Try to start with simple game to learn, and have experience on what is a game. When you put “networking” on game, you create a lot of hard and technical difficulties.

In any case, write some document with the ideas (on wiki support for example…).

Thank you for the advice. I will work on that.