Looking for an alternative to libRocket

Greetings !

I’m developping an RPG, and for several reasons, libRocket isn’t enough for me (CSS support is a bit limited, after two years the template system keeps puzzling me, and it seems the project’s owner isn’t working on it anymore - pulls requests haven’t been accepted for quite a while, website forum has been down for a good while as well…).

I see that Panda3D has support for Awesomium. I don’t really like mixing my stuff with non-open-source software, but I would pick Awesomium if I could: unfortunately, I believe Panda3D only supports up to version 1.5… and guess what, it has proven impossible to get my hands on anything less than 1.6.
There is 1.08: I’m not sure it’s supported, and don’t really care since it doesn’t support Linux.

Then there’s the Chromium Embedded Framework, which seems like a much more ideal solution.
Looking around the web, and even in this very forum, there are signs that several people have managed to use it with Panda3D. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any code sample.

And unfortunately again, I work for at least 50h/week in a startup, and I know I won’t have enough free time to either get Awesomium 1.08 up to speed, or develop a proper support of CEF for Panda3D.

I need an alternative to libRocket, available for Windows/Linux, that I can easily use with Panda3D.
I’ve been looking everywhere since yesterday, haven’t found the slightest hint. If anyone knows something I don’t, I’d love to know !

Note that if someone has a build of Awesomium for both Linux and Windows that works with Panda3D, I’m interested as well.

I am using CEgui for a while, and it is something used by other engine than panda (like Ogre3d), and it is working fine, and it is really made to be used into games developpement.

Today I successfully and easily package a demo of game with Cegui and I distribute it as well on windows, as on linux.

I was really enthusiast for something CSS based, but ceGUI really does look like it would do just fine.
I did find a Panda3D integration using only Python. I’m working in C++ though, and I didn’t find any support for ceGUI :confused: !

I’ve been attempting to get the awesomium bindings updated to 1.7. However my lack of knowledge in c++ has been getting in my way. I have some segfaults and not sure how to diagnose them. Here is my progress thus far: github.com/croxis/incremental/tree/rawawesomium

Well, my lack of knowledge in 3D rendering can be handicapping, though I’m quite alright with C++ :slight_smile: !
I was looking forward for something that wouldn’t require any work for me, but that’s probably as close as I’ll get ! I’ll check it out when I get back home and see how far I can get with this… then maybe contribute/talk about it on the repo if I find things that need fixing.
Kudos to you for starting that fork :slight_smile: !

EDIT: Jesus christ… I must have done something pretty fucked up for karma to do that to me. So, after setting up everything, I discover there’s no 64bit build of Awesomium for Windows. That doesn’t work for me at all. I can’t build in 32bit.

Looks like I’ll switch to cef then!

That’d be awesome. I have no clue how the rendering and event propagation works, but I’d be glad to help anywhere else I can.

Here is my snippit: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=16861

And you run an Archlinux with KDE ! We’re gonna be the best of friends you and I !

It looks good, and I haven’t seen anything that would be implemented very differently in C++. I think I might be able to re-implement it in a few hours. I’ll put a pin in that for now though: I won’t have a few free hours ahead of me anytime soon.