Looking for a Blender generic humanoid model

Anyone has a Blender generic humanoid male model of normal proportions, with an armature and the basic animations you can share?

I don’t have one, but have you heard of the MakeHuman tool?

It’s worth a try.

Beware MakeHuman is very high poly count. HUGE. Most character models I have seen are around 1000 - 2000 were MakeHuman is in the 10000s range.

Yes but you can use the decimator on the mesh. Or Cambos Planar Reducer script which has come with recent versions of blender.

The big problem with both of thses is that you should NOT add materials or UV textures to the mes before you reduce the poly count. Both tools will erase UV mapping and materials. The other BIG problem for me is that the import mesh from makehuman has nice vertical and horizontal edges. This makes it easy to select face loops and CTRL_E in blender to make seams. You can then use blenders LSCM mapping tool to make a very good intial UV Map.

BUT after reducing the poly count. All the faces of the import human are triangles. There is a feature of blender to turn all triangles to quads. But these are ‘skewed’ quads. In other word, no more nice straight lines from which to make seams. So UV Mapping is difficult to say the least.

there is a solution now : wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:M … ly_Reducer
This script is like decimate but UV Mapping is preserved.