Loading issue


When the user click on “new game” in my menu, everything is loaded and there is a 4 or 5 seconds that nothing move (hard disk rushing). What I discover is that my 3D world that is loading IS moving but we can’t see it because other things are loading. So the problem is that when the game is loaded the first time (take longer time), sometime the enemy are already shooting at the player. What I want to know: Is there a way to know when everything is loaded and ready and after that start the game?



There’s nothing in Panda that might be secretly loading things in the background–when you ask something to be loaded, it will load on the spot, and the following code will not execute until that something is fully loaded.

It sounds like you’re seeing a different problem. If you’re seeing the hard disk spinning while your code is (very slowly) executing, it sounds like virtual memory swapping. This is the operating system swapping out other programs in order to make room for your own program to run. It can occur on any PC, but it is especially likely to occur on a machine with 512 MB or less of system RAM, especially a low-memory machine like this running Vista.

If this is what’s happening, there’s not much your program can do to detect that it is happening, other than maybe observe the frame rate plummeting until it is done.


Thanks a lot for this information!

It make me discover that I was starting my general task 2 times and one BEFORE the loading of everything. Now everything is ok!!

Thanks again!