Loading a model in C ++ with options

The load_model () interface for Python loading models has these parameters.


However, for C ++ there are only two options, how to install them?


The question is, how do I set attributes in C ++ for the load_model ()

like in python:

 	loaderOptions = None,
 	noCache = None,
 	allowInstance = False,
 	okMissing = None,
 	callback = None,
 	extraArgs = [],
 	priority = None,
 	blocking = None 

I experienced a strange sense of helplessness in C ++ while looking into endless code. But I more or less learned how to use some options when loading a model.

    PT(Loader) loader_sync = new Loader("Loader_sync");
    LoaderOptions options;
    // Off disk cache
    options.set_flags (0x0010);
    PT(PandaNode) node = loader_sync->load_sync("../models/smiley", options);
    NodePath my_model = NodePath(node);
    my_model.set_pos(0, 30, 0);