loader of models..

Was a method to copy models from one design…

I have 10 objects, all are the same, so, i can import just one and copy lefts…

self.alpha = loader.loadModel("./models/object")

self.beta = loader.loadModel("./models/object")

I think load a new sprite with the same object will use more memory, i think saw some class of line that you can copy the model so can use less quantity of memory… but can´t find…

unless you run out of memory, there is no need to be concerned about afew bits of eventually wasted memory.
afaik panda does a good job with handling those things automatically so there is little reason to be worried about it.
if you really need to cut down memory that way, instances might be a possible way (thought they are more suited to cut down on cpu-usage when animating many objects)

Instance is a good option too, since i have here 150 objects all the same.

thanks !

I usually recommend against using instancing, unless you really really need it for some obscure reason. The reason I recommend against it is that it’s easy to get yourself confused using instancing (modifying one model unexpectedly changes all instances), and it’s almost never actually necessary or even very helpful.

Copies are usually what you want, and unless you’re running Panda on a handheld portable device, it’s not going to blow your memory budget. Also, repeated calls to loader.loadModel() automatically returns copies of your model.