Liscense restrictions on models in samples?

I have a question regarding the use of certain images and models contained in some of the samples.I have been working on a game for commission and I need to know whether I need to replace these with others.
Specifically, in the samples distributed with Panda3d(1.10.9) I am looking at the skybox model and textures in the shader-terrain sample. It is unclear from the license file if the image skybox.jpg by RDB is covered under the cc 3.0 license. I am not using the grass image so I am not concerned about that. Also is there any restriction on the skybox model itself or the shaders?

The other model I am using is the Yugo model and textures associated with it from the bullet sample Is there a restriction to using this model in a commercial project?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I think you can assume Panda’s BSD license unless stated elsewhere.

The Bullet samples came from @enn0x, he might know where the Yugo model came from.

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Thanks for the input.