Linux keyboard input

I built panda3d on 64bit Slackware from cvs (20141110) and find that I have no keyboard input when working through the tutorials (which seem to work fine otherwise).

I see there was a similar problem discussed here previously for Mac (topic “Tutorial doesn’t accept keyboard input”) and the solution seemed to try a development snapshot. In building from cvs, I’m effectively doing the same thing already (running a development version).

Any other suggestions?

That’s… really odd. I’ve been using Slackware for a long time and I’ve never had any keyboard issues. Which window manager, display server, desktop environment, etc?

Its working after all. I had misinterpreted a table in the tutorial referring to left and right key control of the camera, which I thought referred to left and right arrow keys. Looking more carefully, I see it was referring to left and right mouse keys.

I’ve since added some code to print out keyboard input and that seems to work fine. Sorry for the noise.