[Linux] Is it possible to include maya2egg in the installer?

Is it possible to add the maya exporter to the packaged installers? It’d be great if linux users could have that without having to build from source. If you don’t have a version of maya for linux to compile it against I can contribute builds … or maybe there ought to be a separate binary installer for the exporter which you can download?

I believe 1.6.0 had Maya exporters in the linux installers.

We can’t do that anymore, since we’re using openSUSE build service now, which publishes the source you uploaded. And we aren’t allowed to redistribute the Maya SDKs.

I’m thinking about some kind of plugin system though, where the user will be able to install distro-independent panda3d-maya, panda3d-physx, and whatnot packages.

ah, that makes sense… yet another reason to ditch maya, but I can’t just yet :wink: