:linmath(warning): Tried to invert singular LMatrix3

I am getting this error but not a line code so I am not sure what is causing it.

:linmath(warning): Tried to invert singular LMatrix3

it does not seem to effect the game though. I would like to understand it.

JB Skaggs

It’s kind of like a divide-by-zero error. It means some operation you performed attempted to compute a relative operation to a “singular” transform, which is basically a scale-to-zero.

This kind of error usually happens when you have a node in the scene graph with a scale to 0 in any axis, for instance, nodePath.setScale(1, 0, 2). That defines a singularity, because the Y axis is no longer defined in this node’s space. If you perform any relative operation from this node to another node, you’ll get an attempt to invert a singular matrix.

It’s a frequent mistake for 2-d geometry, because the Y axis is generally ignored there, so people forget and put a 0 scale in for the Y axis, when a 1 scale would be better. It’s also a common mistake when you want to make something invisibly small. If that’s the case, use a very small scale like 0.001 instead of 0.


That makes perfect sense