Does anybody know what the arguments of the LinearCylinderVortexForce() constructor mean? The documentation doesn’t explain much:

__init__(radius: float, length: float, coef: float, a: float, md: bool)
"""Simple Constructor"""

I looked in this forum, in the documentation, on the Internet and basically I see the same everywhere (copied from the documentation). In the sample of particles I found one example of use (smokering.ptf), but I’m still in the dark.
I would like to generate a whirlwind and even something started to come out more or less, but rather by trial and error by setting these parameters at random and observing the effects:


Looking at the Particle Panel’s presentation of such forces, it seems that those parameters are likely the following:

  • “radius” and “length” define the region in which the force takes effect.
  • “coef” is a coefficient of some sort; I’m not sure of the specifics, but based on a guess and some experimentation, I think that it controls the strength of the rotation effect.
  • “a” is amplitude–the overall “strength” of the force
  • and “md” is whether the force is “mass dependent”; I imagine that this scales force with object-mass, or some such thing.
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