limiting lens.setFar

Hi to everybody. This is my first post, but I’m using Panda3d since last october for a project here in my university, and our forum had resolved many issues yet. But for this one, I haven’t find a soluction.

To increase FPS in a game with too many tree (created on blender), I’ve heard that reducing frustum is the better way. So, I do, decreasing the lens.setFar to 200, and the FPS is high. But now I want to delete the fastidous gray background between terrain (cutted by setFar) and the skydome.

I’ve tried with Fog, but doesn’t work because i’m using a specific shader (the error is: “pgraph(error): shader generator does not support fog yet” ), I’ve tried to reduce skydome, I’ve tried to coloring backgroud, but all of this methods doesn’t works!

How can I do?

Thanks for reading my ugly english!

Please update your version of Panda3D. Fog is now supported by the shader generator.