Lights : bullet and atmosfear


I got two questions. I wish to have two examples of light:

  1. I wish to make a light for a bullet, like a laser
  2. I wondering how to make a diffuse light to have a cool atmosfear in a space game.

Do you have any idea? Is it possible to have some examples?

Thansk a lot

your questions sound pretty much like you don’t need any real lights.

laser beams are done best with a few textured planes in a star formation or forming a tube: >|< or O

for diffuse lighting you could either use ambient lights or none at all. in the latter case you need nice textures with baked shadows.

Yeah… Poor me, I think I am just a furious developer, and I think I need to constitute a team, to find some people to do textures, models, and other stuff.

Thanks for your time!