Does anybody have any experience with using lightmaps in Panda3D? I would appreciate it if somebody more experienced could get me going…

sorry that i cant help you out with aready and tested workflow. but you basically need a modelling package that can:
A-generate oder work with lightmaps and
B-have a exporter that supports egg multitexturing stuff.

the only way i could imagine atm is using maya (maybe the PLE you can get for free)
alternatively you most likely have to write your own converter (maybe fsrad which would be obj->egg if i remember correctly(there already is a blender->oct and oct->obj.)
seems the new blender->egg eporter also have basic support for materials.
sorry thats all i could figure out about lightmaps. panda itself would have no problem loading and working with lightmapped objects.

anyway good luck with your research/work
thomas e

I can get hold of 3D Studio Max 6, but I would have to pay for it. I dont really mind ( I am considering it anyway), but does the max exporter support exporting lightmaps?

as far as i know it does not. but maya might do the job. you can get the Maya PLE edition for free (educational/noncomercial usage). should be enough to see if you can do lightmaps with it. there are several blender exporters under development but none is featuring mutlitexturing at the moment, i dont think they’ll do the job in near future.
well give maya a try. if thats not working you might need to come up with another idea.
perhaps a panda-internal lightmapping tool (panda offers good access to UV-coordtination creation and texture-manipulation).
lightmaps seems to be a little bit difficult to get into panda, although panda itself supports them perfectly.