Light Source like The Sun in Panda3D

I want to create a light source in Panda3D which should illuminate terrain like The Sun.
Should I use single light source or combination of different types of light source to see illumination effect same as it is in the case of sun light.

Which light source should be used and how?

Also I want to see change in shading of terrain as position and orientation of light changes (as it happens when the sun changes it position and orientation).

You can use a DirectionalLight for a light source that is infinitely far away like the sun. Some information on lighting in Panda3D can be found in the manual.

To simulate different times of day, you can rotate the DirectionalLight. Changing a DirectionalLight’s position has no effect unless you’re using it as a shadow caster.

Thankyou for replying.
I will try shadow caster.