librocket on panda3d 1.9 with Ubuntu Trusty

Hello everyone,

for the last version of panda I used (1.8) I somehow got a working librocket-integration for Ubuntu. I recently changed my system and now can’t really figure out, how I got there and how to get there again.

Installing the 1.9.2 dpkg from the downloads-page ( … =1.9.2&sdk) and running my application raises:

    from panda3d import rocket
ImportError: cannot import name rocket

My Inspector in vim also doesn’t show any reference sign of rocket. Closer inspection of the included files in the dpk also hardly shows a trace of librocket.

Building Panda3d from source throws a warning:

Couldn't find library libRocketCore
Couldn't find library libRocketControls
Couldn't find library libRocketDebugger
Couldn't find library libboost_python
Couldn't find header file Rocket/Core.h
WARNING: Could not locate thirdparty package rocket, excluding from build

Right now, I assume the process is to build rocket from the rocket-website ( … gWithCMake), throw it somewhere (?) and then build panda3d from source?

I’d appreciate any pointers and am willing to cast it into a tutorial for the wiki (Unless it is still locked to editors)