Level Editor

Hi :mrgreen:
I’m trying to understand how to use the level editor.

What am I supposed to do with it? :blush:
When I click load, it asks for a python file.
How can I put models in it and generate a level? (or do I have the wrong idea here :unamused:)

I’ve been wondering the same thing. Anyone have an answer?

Which level editor?

Do you mean this one, the one that comes packaged with Panda, or some other?

If the first of those, then the linked thread may have answers for you. If the second, then I believe that it’s old and deprecated; in short, don’t use it. If some other, then which?

I think we’re both talking about the one that comes with panda. Purely out of curiosity, how come there hasn’t been an update to the bundled one, if it’s so out of date?(I’m relatively new to development in general, so that may be a thousand times harder to pull off than I realize, I don’t know.)

It’s been a while since last I read a discussion of this, I think, but from what I recall they ended up deciding that games vary so greatly in their requirements that a level editor simply wasn’t worth attempting to maintain.

(I do believe that Unity offers a good counter-argument to this. I think that the editor to which I linked above takes its cues from Unity, so while I haven’t used it myself you might well find it useful.)

Ok, thanks for the help!