Length of actor

Hello everyone.

I need to change the dimensions of an actor in my model and do not now how to. Say for example I have a stick and from the .egg file, it is 3 feet long. How do I make it 5 feet long using panda3d commands rather than having to make another design file with a new length and switching to that?

Hello welcome, to scale the model programmatically use:

Ok now say I have a circle right, almost like a ring, and currently it is a half sphere. I want to either extrapolate it to be a 100% ring, 75% ring, or a 25% ring. Set scale I tried and does not work for this context.

Here you need to understand that the Panda API will not replace the editor. Either you should use a software implementation of the geometry, or consider using morph animation.

Yea I presumed so. Will look into. Thank you!

If I understand you correctly, you could also use a shader to control how much of the ring is rendered, thus giving the appearance of a partial ring.