Learning About Panda

I just started learning c++ a little while ago, and decided to start trying to learn about panda so that my brother, some of our friends, and I can make a game. I started with the manual, and got through the first program with the panda, but I didn’t really have any idea what I was doing, I was pretty much just looking at the code they had and typing the same things, not knowing what I was typing. I looked through the manual, and it was pretty confusing so I was just wondering where I should start as a complete beginner. Thanks. :question:

this threads may help you out, they have a similar topic:



and my tipp: read the documentation-manual over and over again, start small, do some tests first and then go on and grow bigger…

and last but not least: read and search the forum to find hidden gems ;D

cheers and good luck!

I’m in a similar situation, but with a good programming background in C++ and Ruby (and others), but no good knowledge of 3D programming.

I decided to do the first steps in Python, it’s much easier to use, so you can concentrate on the Panda part. Learning Python will take less time than trying to understand C++ code, especially if you’re new to C++

Then start with a simple project. Just place a cube in the center and then apply details like lights, material etc.
Read the sample codes and try to understand them.
Apply new knowledge in small steps, eg positioning a camera, changing attributes. It may help to write some code that allows to change an attribute value while the program is running. For example using a DirectSlider that changes objects colors or rotation.

Have a look at the Panda sources as well, many of them have lots of comments that may give additional information.

Ok, thanks a lot. 8)